Who We Are

Real Paving was founded in March 2016 to help people improve their businesses or homes with pavement projects.

What We Do

Real Paving specializes in a variety of exterior construction services such as asphalt, brick, and concrete pavement projects and other services that a business or homeowner may need. The experience we have gained through many years in the paving industry allows us to provide our customers with expert service. Trust Real Paving for all your commercial and residential needs.

We are a company that strives to build a great reputation by delivering quality pavement at an affordable price. Although we offer several services in addition to commercial and residential paving services, our core business and area of expertise still lie in asphalt pavement projects.

We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and other business partners. We are always ready and willing to start your work upon your request.

Our Roadmap of Where We Want To Go and How To Get There


Become the most trusted perfectionist and reliable asphalt installation service company in the Chicagoland area.


To provide a remarkable paving experience to our customers by performing at our maximum level of expertise on every pavement project.


Be the first option for asphalt installation.


Exceed our customers’ expectations with the highest level of quality and professionalism by applying a high level of skills gained through many years of experience.


In order to gain trust and deliver successful pavement projects, Real Paving is abided by a set of principles that prevail over any circumstance:

  • Quality: Strive to deliver guaranteed work.
  • Excellence: Set higher expectations on every project.
  • Perfection: Seek to improve performance all the time.
  • Responsibility: Keep work promises.
  • Integrity: Follow contract agreements even if it takes extra effort.
  • Honesty: Remain true and fair with the company’s stakeholders.
  • Respect: Treat everyone with respect.
  • Reliability: Estimate service at fair and market competitive prices.